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This course has been approved by the Commission on Dietetic Regristration

Are you a dietitian that wants to improve your own relationship with food and your clients while using faith to support your methods? Are you looking for a trusted biblical source that aligns with the non-diet philosophy that you hold? Do you struggle with how to phrase it or knowing where to start the conversation? This course will help you feel more competent talking to your clients about faith and health. It has been designed by Christian, HAES® aligned Registered Dietitians who work in counseling and education.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!
    • Pre-Survey
  • 2

    Be Diet Free

    • Be Diet-Free Intro
    • Workbook
    • Be Diet-Free Video Lesson
    • Video 1 Dialogue
    • Quiz
  • 3

    Be a Non-dieter

    • Be a Non-dieter Intro
    • Workbook
    • Be a Non-dieter Video Lesson
    • Video 2 Dialogue
    • Quiz
  • 4

    Be Loved

    • Be Loved Intro
    • Workbook
    • Be Loved Video Lesson
    • Video 3 Dialogue
    • Quiz
  • 5

    Closing Remarks

    • Resources and further reading
    • Final survey
    • Parting Thoughts
    • CDR's Critical Thinking Tool


  • Is this study Health At Every Size® and non-diet aligned?

    YES! The Registered Dietitians who created this course are HAES® informed, fat-positive and weight neutral providers who bring their expertise in this area into the course.

  • If I don’t like the program, can I get a refund?

    Because Food Freedom Bible Study is a digital product, we do not offer refunds.

  • How long is the program?

    It is designed to be broken up into 3 weeks. Each lesson should take less then an hour to complete. You will have 90 days to complete the program once you’e started.

  • Is the content recorded live or can I watch it anytime?

    All the content is pre-recorded and is available to you 24/7.

  • Will this program accommodate people with disabilities?

    We have provided a separate document of the video script for those who are hard of hearing.


Registered Dietitian, Founder, Body & Soul Nutrition Counseling

Kristen Bunger

Registered Dietitian, Founder, Body & Soul Nutrition Counseling

"I just finished the course and I am so excited about it. I know this stuff. I preach it. I live it. And this study was still nourishment to my soul. Amy, was so funny and animated, but still beautifully communicated the truth in a loving and respectful way. The content of the videos and the workbook was very applicable and hit on so many issues our clients struggle with. I honestly can't say enough positive about this study and I just have a lot of gratitude that you all wrote it and put it together. I can't wait to recommend it to so many!"
Registered Dietitian, Founder of Gratefully Nourished and Alyssa Pike Nutrition LLC

Alyssa Pike

Registered Dietitian, Founder of Gratefully Nourished and Alyssa Pike Nutrition LLC

Food Freedom Bible Study by Body Bloved is the perfect introductory course for anyone who is tired of dieting and ready to take the first step toward whole health & freedom. The videos are thoughtful and easy to understand and the worksheets provide an opportunity for self-reflection. This course addresses breaking free from diets & giving up the pursuit of weight loss so we can step into our purpose and receive the love Jesus freely gives.
Registered Dietitian, Founder, Freedom Nutrition and Wellness

Ashley Smith

Registered Dietitian, Founder, Freedom Nutrition and Wellness

If you’re a follower of Jesus and struggling with food and your body image, check out this course! It’s for those who are tired of gaining and losing the same pounds, feeling crazy around food, and at the end of their rope with body hatred. This course walks you through why past dieting attempts have failed you; guides you to explore your relationship with food, exercise, and your body; and gives you practical steps about what you can do instead that are sustainable, health-promoting, and life-giving. And all of this within a Biblical perspective. The Lord has so much more for you than body and food concerns. He offers freedom!

Meet the instructor…

Amy Ozier, PhD, RD

Amy is first and foremost a child of God. Along with that role, she is a wife to a hot hubby and also a mom to 3 amazing kids. Their youngest arrived home from China in 2019 through adoption. She has realized that all of us are adopted in the Kingdom thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. She is humbled to be a disciple who can share in the GOoD news about body, eating and movement. In Jesus name, she asks for freedom and peace for those who struggle with body and eating issues. Although Amy is on a hiatus from her career in higher education to take care of family, she looks forward to returning to her profession as a RD. She is humbled to be a part of the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement and bring awareness that "everybody is a good body". Some of her past professional endeavors included Associate Professor at Northern Illinois University, corporate wellness RD, and research consultant. She believes that research, science, and a heart for God can make a powerful punch for the HAES paradigm.

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